“Why, When and What: Supervision and the Practitioner’s Resistance” Gustavo Dessal


Gustavo Dessal spoke to the question “why should we, from time to time, remind ourselves of the crucial importance of supervision?”. With questions from the audience and panelists, this was a lively exchange (until the very end!) on what the practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis is and what it is not.

[Please note that the term ‘control’ is used at times during the seminar as a synonym of ‘supervision’]

“A Lacanian Reading of Freudian Case Histories”


Joanne Conway, Chair of ICLO-NLS, presents the second of a Series of Seminar on Freud’s Case Histories. On this occasion, she focuses on Freud’s case of the ‘young homosexual woman’, introducing Lacan’s reading of it.
Chaired by Linda Clarke and with comments by Susan Mc Feely, both members of the current Bureau of ICLO-NLS.

Dublin, 24th April 2020 – Via Zoom


“Word Hunter”, a reading from Gustavo Dessal’s novel “Surviving Anne” by Oscar Ventura.

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ICLO-NLS hosted its third 2018/19 Clinical & Theoretical Seminar with Members of the WAP on February

23rd, 2019, with guest Oscar Ventura

The theme of this year’s Programme is “Violence Today“.

Below you will find the audios of the event: “Identity<>Identification: Roots of Segregation, Hatred and Violence”

What is this Violence that Inhabits Us PAnne Beraud
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What is this Violence that Inhabits Us PAnne Beraud
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ICLO-NLS hosted its first 2018/19 Clinical & Theoretical Seminar with Members of the WAP on November 10th, 2018, with guest Anne Béraud

The theme of this year’s Programme is “Violence Today“.

Below you will find the audios of the event: “What is this violence that inhabits us?"

What is this Violence that Inhabits Us PAnne Beraud
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-    This is Part 2 of the day, where Ivan Ruiz and Joanne Conway discuss a vignette: “It Leaves Traces“

ICLO-NLS hosted an Opening Event on September 29th, 2018.

The theme of the 2018/19 Programme is “Violence Today“.

-    This is Part 1 of the day, Introduction and presentation of the ICLO-NLS Programme 2018/19 by Joanne Conway, Chair of ICLO, and Conference by Ivan Ruiz “Aggressivity In The Mirror – Violent Acts In Childhood And Adolescence

-    This is Part 3 of the day, a Panel Discussion with the following presenters and topics:

Cecilia Saviotti is a Psychoanalytic Practitioner & Clinical Psychologist with a voluntary organisation funded by TUSLA. She is a member of ICLO-NLS and The Special Interest Group Child and Adolescent Lacanian Psychoanalysis. She has recently become a full member of the Division of Clinical Psychology in the Psychological Society of Ireland and a member of the PSI Special Interest Group in Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has been working in a therapeutic family support service with children, adolescents and families for the last 12 years. In January 2018 she has set up the first group in Ireland for autistic and psychotic children oriented by what Jacques-Alain Miller called the Plural Practice [pratique à plusieurs] the name given to a modality of clinical work with autistic children, carried out by various people in a precise institutional context.

Cecilia will interrogate “what treatment for violence” in the clinic of autism through the documentary “her name is Sabine”,  Psychoanalysis and her own practice. She will speak about the challenges of working with children and young people that use violence as a response and some of the little solutions that are put at work in plural practice.

Gloria Kirwan is Assistant Professor of Social Work at Trinity College Dublin and she is also a registered social worker. Gloria has a particular interest in identifying the needs of people who experience serious and chronic periods of mental distress and her research over many years has aimed to bring greater understanding to the factors that either help or hinder individual recovery.

Gloria will speak about her findings from a research project with people that had been admitted to mental health services involuntarily. She will interrogate the impact of not being heard described as “silence violence”.

Dr. Aoife Twohig is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and child psychotherapist. Aoife has conducted research on attachment and social-emotional development and has a special interest in infant mental health and the clinical implications of attachment in particular early attachment development and later vulnerability to maltreatment, abuse and trauma. Aoife currently works within the Paediatric Liaison service and St. Louise’s Unit at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin and is also involved in the clinical training programme of the Irish Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

I hope to cover in my piece the continuities and discontinuities between attachment vulnerability, psychopathology, aggression and violence. I hope to illustrate from my experience the impact of violence on children, in particular the notion of a ‘pandemic’ of violence experienced by children globally, and how the origins of  some violent acts may be understood from an attachment and psychoanalytic perspective. I think its also important to highlight that violence is not synonymous with psychiatric disorder,and medical management is only one potential intervention where psychiatric illness is assessed comprehensively and diagnosed.

GUSTAVO DESSAL – Book Launch “Surving Anne. A Novel”

VERONIQUE VORUZ “The Desire For Supervision”


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ANTONI VICENS “Sex and The Body – From Sex to Love and Return”
MARIE-HÉLÈNE BROUSSE “Women’s Bodies in the Analytic Experience”