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“This term School (…) is to be taken in the sense it had in ancient times, it meant some places of refuge, or bases of operation against what could already be called civilization and its discontents.”

– J. Lacan


The Schools of the WAP take as reference the Freudian School of Paris, founded by Jacques Lacan in 1964, in his effort to renovate the foundations and practice of Psychoanalysis.

A School aims to provide an organization for analysts as well as for non-analysts who follow the teachings of Jacques Lacan for the reconquest of the Freudian Field, and for the worldwide dissemination of psychoanalysis as a practice and as a knowledge. Through it, a work is carried out, which aims at holding Freud’s discovery in its deepest point, and to orientate its original praxis so that it performs its role in our time. It is concerned both with the place of pure psychoanalysis and with that of psychoanalysis applied to therapy.

To accomplish its objectives, the School focuses on the analytical training of its members who, being part of a School, commit themselves to a supervision of their practice. For its part, the School guarantees the training that it provides to its members through the granting of two titles: AMS (Analyst Member of the School) which nominates the analyst who has proven to have had a sufficient formation, and AS (Analyst of the School) who nominates the analyst who has finished his or her analysis and chose to testify to this by means of the procedure of the pass.

The device of the Pass, which verifies the end of the analysis and the formation of the analyst, and the Cartel, which is a small group where members do work, are two fundamental pillars of the Schools.


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