The Lacanian Review 10


Marie-Hélène Brousse & Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff

The Mystery of the Papin Sisters and the Knot of Paranoia
Laura Sokolowsky, The Mystery of the Papin Sisters and the Knot of Paranoia
Jacques Lacan, Motifs du crime paranoïaque : le crime des soeurs Papin
Jacques Lacan, Motives of Paranoiac Crimes: The Crime of the Papin Sisters

The Clinic of Paranoia
Sophie Marret-Maleval, We’re All Mad, But Not Necessarily Paranoiacs
René Raggenbass, The Moment of the Act As Unpredictable
Dominique Rudaz, Paranoia as “Illness of the Non-Barred Other”

A Primary Relation to the Other
Pascale Fari, Paranorama
Jacques-Alain Miller: La paranoïa, rapport primaire à l’autre
Jacques-Alain Miller: Paranoia, A Primary Relation to the Other

Guided Paranoia
Sophie Gayard, Inaugural Knot
Lidia Ramírez, I is an other
Irene Kuperwajs, Aerate a Little the Delusion of Meaning
Anne Béraud, From the Paranoid Relation to the

Inconsistency of the Other
Sandra Arruda Grostein, Case S: Fear as Mark of the Relationship with the Other
Alejandro Reinoso, The Un(bearable) Laughter of the Feminine and the Transference

The Daemon
Jacques-Alain Miller, Lacan’s Daemon                                                                

The Art of the Paranoid Method
Salvador Dalí, Conquest of the Irrational

Political Paranoia: Addiction and Conspiracy
Scott Wilson, QAnon and the Subject of Surveillance Capitalism
Rik Loose, The Politics of a Symptomatology: Paranoia and Addiction

Logic of Hatred
Raphaël Liogier and Frédéric C. Baitinger, The Paranoid Logic of Hatred

Ideas of Reference
Anna De Filippi, Among Us
Shirley Zisser, Controle as Testimony
Gary Genosko, Introduction to “The Family According to Mony Elkaïm”
Félix Guattari, The Family According to Mony Elkaïm

It’s Everywhere
The New Lacanian School, On Paranoia Today

Jacques Borie, When Death Alone is Desirable
Shlomo Lieber, Dreams in Times of Corona

The Lacanian Review 9


Marie-Hélène Brousse & Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, The Discipline of the Double Meaning

Speaking Being Is Waste
Laura Sokolowsky, Psychoanalysis is an Anti-Initiation
Jacques Lacan, Le phénomène lacanien
Jacques Lacan, The Lacanian Phenomenon

Nature Morte
Gérard Wajcman, The Lives of Nature Morte
Peter Wadhams and Janet Haney, The Iceman Speaketh of the Arctic Death Spiral

The End (of Analysis)
Bernard Seynhaeve, The Stars are Aligned
Anna Aromí, Event: The AS and the School One
Domenico Cosenza, The Pass, Between Event and Interpretation
Anne Lysy, What Words, What Body?
Dominique Holvoet, The Pinning of Someone Unplaceable
Anne Béraud, The Indelible Trace
Florencia F.C. Shanahan, Dejar Que Pase…
Patricia Bosquin-Caroz, Pass and Femininity
Jean-Daniel Matet, The Pass, Not Without the School
Véronique Voruz, Our Agalmatic Capital
Alexandre Stevens, From the Pass to Interpretation

Jean-Daniel Matet, Summoned
Anne-Claude Crémieux and Gérard Wajcman, Still Unforeseeable
Chad Abresch, Paradox of Etiology
Steve Woolgar and Janet Haney, Massive Breaching Experiment
Stuart Scott and Janet Haney, Bringing Them the Plague

Pascale Fari, Presentation
Jacques-Alain Miller, We Are All Ventriloquists
Jacques-Alain Miller, Nous sommes tous ventriloques

A Real Science of Life?
Éric Laurent, Preface to the German and Hebrew Editions of The Other Side of Biopolitics
Antonio Di Ciaccia, The Atopia of the Unconscious
Yves Vanderveken, The Unconscious and the Brain: Nothing in Common

What to Do With Objects
Lucie de Saint Blanquat and Fred Baitinger, The Littoral Condition of Earth Art
Rik Loose, Art and Psychoanalysis Beyond (Lack-of) Being
Agnieszka Piotrowska and Gustavo Dessal, A Love Life, Still: “Love is essentially deception”

Politics: We Are Still Alive?
Guy Briole, A Gray Discourse
Éric Laurent, Europe Through the Ordeal of Hate (Part I)
Éric Laurent, Europe Through the Ordeal of Hate (Part II)

Robert Buck, Out of the Blue

The Lacanian Review 8


Marie-Hélène Brousse & Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff

Aristotle’s Dream

Jacques Lacan, Le rêve d’Aristote
Jacques Lacan, Aristotle’s Dream

Another Fire

Jacques-Alain Miller, L’objet perdu du langage
Jacques-Alain Miller, The Lost Object of Language
Marie-Hélène Brousse, “Father Don’t You See I’m Burning?”

Eyes Wide Open
Marie-Hélène Brousse, Artifice, the Other Side of Fiction
Carolina Koretzky, Variants of the Desire to Wake Up
Jorge Assef, A Moment of Awakening Beyond the Nightmare

Dreams I Cannot Forget
Sérgio Laia, 1, 2, 3 and… (Vivace Version)
Victoria Horne Reinoso, The Flight
María Josefina Sota Fuentes, To Let Oneself Be Written

Interpretation: from Truth to Event

Éric Laurent, Interpretation: from Truth to Event

When Analysands Dream

Clotilde Leguil, Dreams and Nightmares: Index of Truth or Real?
Bénédicte Jullien, Getting the Words Out of My Mouth
Marta Serra Frediani, “The Dream Is an Awakening that Is Beginning”
Anne Béraud, The Dream: Index of Truth or of Real?
Clotilde Leguil,  Dream, Shoreline, Denouement

Politics: Dreaming in Another Language
Kholud Thabit-Sghayer, Plurality of Languages … Plurality of Homes
Ruzanna Hakobyan, Spoken Languages in the Analytic Cure
Peggy Papada, “[…] There Will Be Some Psychoanalyst Who Responds to Certain Subjective Emergencies”

Autopsy of an Interview
A Dialogue with Kenneth Goldsmith, Cheryl Donegan and The Lacanian Review

The Lacanian Review: Hurly-Burly 7



Marie-Hélène Brousse & Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff

Writing the Real

Marie-Hélène Brousse, What’s Real? A Dialogue between Quantum Physicists and Psychoanalysts on Real and Matter

Matteo Barsuglia, Marie-Hélène Brousse & David Mabille, The Real and the Metaphoric in Physics

Catherine Pépin, Marie-Hélène Brousse & Philippe de Georges, The Perfection of the Void

Clotilde Leguil, Truth, Post-truth, Real

Philippe de Georges, What’s Worth Being Said: For Truth and the Real in Psychoanalysis


Jacques-Alain Miller, The Pass of Psychoanalysis towards Science: The Desire for Knowledge

The Third

Jacques Lacan, The Third

Wefts and Knots: The Clinic of “The Third”

Marie-Hélène Brousse, Ordinary Psychosis

Dossia Avdelidi, Non-Triggerable Psychosis

Damien Guyonnet, On the Use of Verbal Hallucination

Jean-Luc Monnier,  Extension of the Domain of Feminine Jouissance

Truth & Fiction

Jacques-Alain Miller, The Lying Truth

Jacques-Alain Miller, Psychoanalysis, A Structure of Fiction

 Speaking A Real

Anne Béraud, The Amur of Amour

Bénédicte Jullien, Waiting for the Absent One

Aurélie Pfauwadel, The Traumas of Discord


María Josefina Sota Fuentes, The Clinical Case: Interpretation and Transmission

Linda Clarke, A Kettle that Boils Over

Fouzia Taouzari, Being Mother at All Costs

Could be Worse . . . The Real of Politics

Martin Deleixhe, Pluralism and Political Uncertainties: Or Why Populists Increasingly Reject Both Migrants and Democracy

Jean-Claude Milner, Lacan’s Later Work and the Declaration of the Rights of Man

José Armando García, How Can Psychoanalysis Understand the Phenomenon of Populist Movements Today?

Janet Haney, The Disorder of the Day: Climate Change and the Capitalist Discourse

 For Real?

Elizabeth Rogers & Robert Buck, We’re Off the Deep End, Now

Catherine Massol, From Fine Letters to the Letter: The Tragedy of Hamlet or the Impossible Interpretation

François Ansermet, The Contemporary Body, Between Sense of Unease and Misunderstanding

The Lacanian Review: Hurly-Burly 6



Marie-Hélène Brousse & Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff





Jacques LACAN,

Preface to the English Edition of Seminar XI

Préface à l’édition anglaise du Séminaire XI

Jacques-Alain MILLER,

The Real Unconscious

L’inconscient réel

Lee Edelman & Alicia Arenas, Psychoanalysis and Urgency: A Dialogue


Jacques-Alain MILLER,

The Space of a Lapsus

L’esp d’un lapsus

Jacques-Alain MILLER,

The Space of a Hallucination

L’esp d’une hallucination

Sonia Chiriaco, A Discreet Suture (*)

Marina Frangiadaki, A Nomination Faced with the Real of the Body (*)

Carolina Koretzky, From Indecision to In-Between (*)


Jacques-Alain MILLER,

The Speaking Being and the Pass

La passe du parlêtre

Luis Erneta, Satisfaction in the “Preface”

Domenico Cosenza, Urgency and the Fall During Analysis

Patricia Tassara Zárate, From the Urgency of an Anxiety to the Urgency of a Satisfaction’s Bien-Dire

Laurent Dupont, The Urgency of the Analyst/Analysand

Maria Josefina Sota Fuentes, In Time

Anne Béraud, Different Urgencies


Éric Laurent, Disruption of Jouissance in the Madnesses Under Transference

Véronique Voruz, Psychoanalysis: A Delusion not like the Others?

Véronique Voruz, Suggestion, Awakening, Dupery

Dominique Holvoet, Another Relation to the Real

Caroline Doucet, Fate of the Too-much in the Outrepass

Bénédicte Jullien, An Intermittent Solitude


Laura Sokolowsky, The Times of Analysis and its Real

Pascale Fari, The Cut and the Real of Time

Frank Rollier, The Cartel’s Urgency

Malka Shein, Two Comments on a Cartel

Nancy Gillespie, Resonance and the Difference Between Polysemy and the Equivoque

Shlomo Lieber, One (Un) Case

Serge Cottet, Side-track: Back to School


Angelina Harari, The Not-All Interview

Jorge Assef, The Push to Hypervelocity

Ricardo Seldes, PAUSA

Robert Buck, Pay Attention Mother Fuckers

(*) Published in the paper edition only

The Lacanian Review: Hurly-Burly 5



Marie-Hélène Brousse, Delights of the Ego?



Jacques Lacan, Joyce the Symptom

Éric Laurent, A Portrait of Joyce as a Saint Homme

Jacques Lacan, MIT Lecture on Topology


Jacques-Alain Miller, The Sovereign Image

Serge Cottet, Indelible Images Revisited

Jorge Assef, The Show of the Self in the Contemporary Symbolic Order


Christiane Alberti, Life Choice

Laurent Dupont, Solitude and Action

Jean-Daniel Matet, Chronicle of a Disaster Foretold: Psychiatry in Ruins

Gérard Wajcman, Getting Involved


Clotilde Leguil, ‘The First’


Lilia Mahjoub, WAP – Year Zero 2018 General Meeting


Thomas Svolos, Lacan in America



Maria Cristina Aguirre and Nancy Gillespie, Editorial: The Lacanian Compass

in the United States


Alicia Arenas, Theme

Lilia Mahjoub, Opening Remarks


Marie-Hélène Brousse, Democracies Without Fathers

Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Me, Myself & I, That’s the Way the Song Goes


Domenico Cosenza, The Ego in Anorexia

Ellie Ragland, Nature Versus Nurture

Véronique Voruz, Love and the Ego


Marie-Hélène Brousse, The Consistency of the Imaginary: The Power of the Ego

Fabian Fajnwaks, The Triumph of Narcissism

Angelina Harari, “Be Yourself”: Delusion of Identity?


Jeff Erbe, Disappearing to Be Seen

Maria J. Lopez, The Case of “Me” Not a Zombie…

Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, “Contouring”

The Lacanian Review


7          Marie-Hélène Brousse, Family Games


Growing Pains

13       Jacques Lacan, Note on the Child

15        Daniel Roy, Introduction to “Note on the Child”

17       Véronique Eydoux, Destiny of the Emblem of the Intrusion Complex

23       Jacques-Alain Miller, In the Direction of Adolescence

34       Jacques-Alain Miller, Violent Children

43       Philippe Lacadée, How Do We Understand the Phenomena of Violence in Young People?

56       Anne Edan, “We do not Choose our Family” Some Orientations for Plural Practice in an Institution

     The Dialogue

61       Eva Illouz, The Dialogue: “Family Investments”

   New Knottings of Kith and Kin

73       Jacques-Alain Miller, Affairs of the Family in the Unconscious

78       Laura Sokolowsky, Freud, His Daughter, and the Other Woman

81       Christel Simler, Delphine Porcheron and Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella, What’s a Family in the Eyes of the Law?

98       Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Surrogate Mother(!)

101    François Ansermet, An Observatory Looking Out onto the Future of the Family

  New Publications in Our Field

105      François Ansermet, The Art of Making Children

108     Stijn Vanheule, A Lacanian Response to Issues in Psychiatric Diagnosis: An Interview with Stijn Vanheule

      Archive: Guattari on Dolto

113     Gary Genosko, Introduction to Félix Guattari, A Game of Scrabble with Lacan

117      Laura Sokolowsky, “You Do What I Theorise”

118     Félix Guattari, A Game of Scrabble with Lacan


124     Chantal Bonneau, The AMS: Partner-Symptom?

128     Dalia Arpin, Analytic Wings and Social Feet


132     Caroline Doucet, The Recipe – 134 Fabian Fajnwaks, The Meanders of Jouissance – 136 Hélène Guilbaud, Losing a Child – 137 Jérôme Lecaux, Hatred Does Not Dissolve – 139 Dalila Arpin, A Slip of the Signature – 141 Laurent Dupont, Dream and Interpretation – An Experience in Solitude – 143 Dominique Holvoet, Explicit Signs of the End of an Analysis – 146 Daniel Pasqualin, Love and Mammography … Tracking Shot – 147 Véronique Voruz, “Shallow Tongue” – 149 Éric Laurent, The Outside Meaning: Between Sublimation and Corporisation


156     Philippe Carpentier, The Weight of Words – “Berck”

160     Angelina Harari, Grandmothers Today

Our congresses

164     Lilia Mahjoub, In a State of Transference – Wild, Political, Psychoanalytic

174     Anna Aromí and Xavier Esqué, The Ordinary Psychoses and the Others, Under Transference


182     Serge Cottet, The Learning Years of Psychoanalysis

186     Christiane Alberti, Judith, The Cause Incarnate

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