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The Ordinary Psychoses and the Others, Under Transference



Dream: Its Interpretation and Use in Lacanian Treatment  


"One spends one’s time dreaming, one doesn’t only dream when asleep." – Jacques Lacan, "The Moment to Conclude""Dream: Its Interpretation and Use in Lacanian Treatment" is the theme that the World Association of Psychoanalysis has chosen for its biennial Congress. The challenge is to account for the contemporary practice of psychoanalysts of the Lacanian orientation in relation to dreams. This Scilicet thus aims at the heart of analytical practice. Its aim is to bring out into the open the way in which dreams are analyzed in treatments today. Thus, dear reader, you will be able to know how dreams are interpreted and what use is made of them in the treatment.This is the eighth volume in the Scilicet series, the title of which is taken from the review created by Jacques Lacan, which addressed each reader with the words – "You can know". Scilicet is an essential tool in the service of the exposed knowledge of psychoanalysts and is mobilized for each Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP).In the opening section, we are delighted to bring to the readers of this Scilicet volume a text by Jacques-Alain Miller: “Awakening”.Scilicet 8 is published by the World Association of Psychoanalysis



The Ordinary Psychoses and the Others, Under Transference

“Ordinary psychosis doesn’t have a rigid definition. Everyone is welcome to give his feeling and definition on ordinary psychosis. I didn’t invent a concept with ordinary psychosis. I invented a word, I invented an expression, I invented a signifier and I gave a very sketchy definition, just to attract the various meanings, the various shades of meaning, around the signifier. I didn’t give any know-how as to how to use this signifier. I bet that this signifier could elicit various echoes in the clinician, in the professional, and I wanted it to grow, and see how far this evasive expression would go.


I was inspired by what Lacan said with ‘The Pass’. Lacan gave only a sketchy definition of The Pass and opened it up to experiment so as to see, once this moment had been defined so sketchily, what would appear, what people would contribute. I wanted to do something like that with ordinary psychosis. And I believe it has been a powerful attractor of meaning.”

Jacques-Alain Miller – “Ordinary Psychosis Revisited”, Psychoanalytical Notebooks, No. 26, Psychosis Today, 2013.

This is no ordinary volume. This is not a dictionary on ordinary or extraordinary psychoses. This is not a manual on transference. This is a collection of formulations by 110 psychoanalysts of the World Association of Psychoanalysis on 105 diverse terms carefully chosen to show us something new: 21st century psychoses and their Lacanian psychoanalytic treatments.

March 2018


The Speaking Body


Psychoanalytical Notebooks


PN: 32 – Lacanian Politics and the Impasses of Democracy Today

The new issue of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks of the London Society of the NLS has come out. It can be ordered from the website of the London Society

Editorial, Bogdan Wolf

Orthodoxy and Heresy

  • Jacques-Alain Miller, Heretics

  • Domenico Cosenza, The Heretic and the Orthodox

  • Francesca Biagi-Chai, Choice and Its Logic in Civilisation

  • Laurent Dupont, Adolescent Heretics: Boy or Girl, The Hour of Choice

  • Paola Bolgiani, Letter to the Italian School of Psychoanalysis


The Foreigner and the Politics of Hatred

  • Lilia Mahjoub, Fear of the Other: Discourse or Segregation

  • Gil Caroz, Fear of the Stranger

  • Roger Litten, Hate Thy Neighbour

  • Agnès Aflalo, Ordinary Anti-Semitism

  • Anaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen, If the Migrants Still Look at Us…

  • Bogdan Wolf, Hatred as a Passion

Social Bond and Segregations

  • Éric Laurent, New Incarnations of the Desire for Democracy in Europe

  • Alfio Mastropaolo, Resolute Desires: For Democracy or for Something Else?

  • Christiane Alberti, There Is Nothing but the Social Bond

  • Stéphanie Morel, Why the Poor Vote for the Right

  • Philippe De Georges, On the One and the Multiple: The Republic Is Not Empire

  • Antoinette Rouvroy, Governing Without Norms: Algorithmic Governmentality

The Lures and Logic of Democracy

  • Gil Caroz, Why Does Politics Need to Be Enlightened by Psychoanalysis Today?

  • Bogdan Wolf, Brexit Democracy and Heresy

  • Roger Litten, Capitalist Democracy

  • Ellie Ragland, Jacques Lacan’s Capitalist Discourse

PN: 31 – Brief Encounters



Editorial, Roger Litten


  • Judith Miller, The Next Stage of PIPOL

  • Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Ten Axioms

  • Jean-Daniel Matet, New Relations to the Clinic and to Interpretation

  • Francisco Hugo Freda, “The Way of the World”

  • Jacques-Alain Miller, Towards PIPOL 4


  • Manuel Fernández Blanco, Citizen-Symptom

  • Bernard Porcheret, CPCTs: A Political Initiative Against Segregation

  • Vicente Palomera, Actuality of Rapid Therapeutic Effects

  • Philip La Sagna, From Isolation to Solitude

  • Dominique Laurent, The Demand for Symptomatic Desegregation

  • Monica Marin, Interpretative event

  • Xavier Esqué, The Future Commands the Present, A Reading of the CPCT Experience

  • Francisco Hugo Freda, Three Questions for Francisco-Hugo Freda, First Director of the CPCT

  • Catherine Lazarus-Matet, Poetry as Treatment for the Precariousness of Being


  • Lilia Mahjoub, Overture

  • Pascale Fari, Paying to speak?

  • Nicolas Jude, “I am the Fearful One in the Family”

  • Claude Quenardel, A Solution to Emptiness

  • Beatriz Gonzalez, A Piece Missing from the Puzzle

  • Liliana Salazar Redon, A Dry Heart

  • Laura Sokolowsky, The Woman-with-Languages

  • Pierre Naveau, The Mystery of the Speaking Body

  • René Rasmussen, The Concert of the Real: Paul Celan and his “Todesfuge”

Poetry Rubric, David Berridge

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