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Testimony of the Pass by Anne Lysy

For the first time in Ireland an AS (Analyst of the School) in function will present a testimony of her personal analysis after undergoing the Pass, the procedure invented by Jacques Lacan to account for the experience of the end of analysis and the production of a psychoanalyst.

Anne Lysy is an analyst in Belgium, a member of the School of the Freudian Cause (ECF) and the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). She is the current President of the New Lacanian School (NLS).

The afternoon will be dedicated to interrogate the “End(s) of Analysis” in the form of a Clinical Conversation with presentations by Rik Loose and Joanne Conway.

Fee: 20 euro

Suggested Reading: Hurly-Burly 2 & Hurly-Burly 4



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