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Knottings Seminar Toward the NLS Congress "Fixation & Repetition" on Sat. January 22nd, 2022.

VENUE: Carmelite Community Centre / TIME: 11am to 4pm / FEE: €30 (€15 Students/Unwaged) / Book Here  

On Saturday the 22nd of January 2022, the Irish Circle of the Lacanian Orientation-Society of the NLS, will host its second Knottings Seminar. The NLS Knottings Seminar is a clinical and epistemic encounter knotted with the transference at work in the School. It is an invention of the School that draws upon the use of Lacan’s Borromean knot and aims to link the diverse groupings of the School in a day of work conducted around a common theme. The theme this year is “Fixation and Repetition,”[1] and we are delighted to announce the presence of NLS Executive Committee member, Bruno de Halleux, a member of the ECF, NLS and WAP; Roger Litten, a member of the London Society of the NLS; and Sheila Power, a member of ICLO Society of the NLS. Two clinical cases will be presented. Ireland is no stranger to the ‘knot,’ with Celtic knotwork dating back to the 3rd - 4th century, some saying that it can be dated from as early as 500 B.C. One of the difficulties of locating a precise dating lies in the oral transmission of this art. Each specific design of the Celtic knot is believed to carry its own significance. Whilst each knot differs in its representation, the common theme is that each one is comprised of one continuous line, a thread with no beginning and no discernible end. The crossing and recrossing of the plait being emblematic of interlacing connections, producing a pattern of infinity, seized upon by many to represent the gift of love. For psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation, it is the permanence of the sinthome that acts as the thread to knot together the three registers. The enduring permanence of the sinthome is characterised in its constitution by repetition and fixation: “a symptom is destined to repeat itself; it takes all its clinical significance from this contrast with the flash and surprise of the three other formations,”[2] those being the slip, the joke, the bungled action. Lacan spoke about surprise as a structural trait of the unconscious. The sinthome as “et cetera, the return of the same event”[3] is opposed to the surprise of other unconscious formations, representing the true identity of a subject. Indeed, “Lacan said that the symptom of certain persons could be the most real thing they possess”[4] demonstrating the sinthome’s knot to the real. Outside capture by the signifying chain, the impact of what is heard as “the water of language passes through the body … writing its’ debris,”[5] leaves behind a writing that is not to be understood. This “ulcerous language”[6] marks the subject forcing it to cope with its effects. These are the symptomatic remainders (Freud) or the One of jouissance (Lacan), that constitutes the true cause of psychic reality. A purely contingent encounter with jouissance, one which leaves its mark on the body, one which is always traumatic, with no access to be brought into Being through speech. ......................

[1] The theme of the NLS Congress 2022, “Fixation and Repetition” on the 2nd & 3rd of July 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland. [2] Miller, J.-A., “The symptom: knowledge, meaning and the real”. The Symptom online journal for, [3] Miller, J.-A., “Reading a Symptom,” Hurly Burly, Issue 6, September 2011, p 152, “Addiction lies at the root of the symptom which is made from the reiteration of the same One. It is the same, in the sense that it can’t be added up. One never gets to: ‘I’ve had 3 drinks so that’s enough now.’ One always downs the same drink, once more. It was in this sense that Lacan said the symptom is an et cetera, the return of the same event.” [4] Miller, J.-A., “The symptom: knowledge, meaning and the real”. The Symptom online journal for, [5] Lacan, Jacques, “Geneva Lecture on the Symptom,” modified translation. [6] Ibid, p. 13.


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