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ICLO-NLS Reading Seminar “Returning to Freud (III)”

A reading of Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams‘ under the title

We are such stuff as Dreams are made on – The royal road to the unconscious in clinical practice

26th of SeptemberClaire Hawkes and Marlene ffrench Mullen: Historical and Clinical Context of The Interpretation of Dreams

24th of OctoberJoanne Conway and Linda Clarke: Freud’s Oedipal Dream; wishfulfilment, castration / Fundamental concepts in psychoanalysis

28th of NovemberRik Loose and Tom Ryan: Beyond Oedipus – Towards the Real.

Venue: Psychological Society of Ireland, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 2

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Fee: 10 euro / students 3 seminars for 20 euro.

Register: / Enquiries:

These Seminars are open to the public and directed at anyone with an interest in psychoanalytic thinking and the psychoanalytic clinic.


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