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ICLO-NLS Clinical and Theoretical Seminar with Geert Hoornaert

The Problem With Solutions

The paradigm ‘problem-solution’ dominates in contemporary ‘thought’, in civilization, in politics, and in almost every approach that has psychic suffering as its object. Every challenge that defies the human being, every question he is confronted with, whether individual, political, philosophical or ethical, is spontaneously turned into a ‘problem’ that calls for a ‘solution’, which is ideally a final one, a definite one. Lacan has always refused, throughout his teaching, to apply this paradigm to the questions that the speaking subject is confronted with. Now that this paradigm is invading the whole field of human affairs and fuels the contemporary forms of discontent in civilization, the issues at stake in this refusal are more current than ever.

Geert Hoornaert is a psychoanalyst in Ghent, Member of the Kring voor Psychoanalyse, Member of the NLS and the WAP. He teaches at the PPaK (Clinical Section) Ghent. He works in Le Courtil in Tournai and the Centre Médico-Psychologique du SSJ in Brussels.

Date: Saturday 13th May 2017
Time: 10am to 1pm
Fee: 25euro / Students: 15euro
Venue: PSI, 2nd Floor, Grantham House, Grantham St, D8


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