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Hurly-Burly N° 5

The International Lacanian Journal of PsychoanalysisTable of contentsEditorial•Adrian PriceEvent/Horizon – London 2011

•Jacques Lacan – ‘Report on Seminar XI’

•Anne Lysy – ‘How Psychoanalysis Works; Argument for the Ninth Congress of the New Lacanian School’

•Jacques-Alain Miller – ‘We are Haphazardly Driven From Pillar to Post’– ‘The Unconscious and the Sinthome’

•Adrian Price – ‘From Repetition to the Drive’

•Graciela Brodsky – ‘Sexual Reality’•Agnès Aflalo – ‘The Analytic Act, Eight Remarks’Event/Anchor – Paris, Geneva 2010

•Geert Hoornaert – ‘Womanliness: Diffamation, Fantasy, Semblance’•Claudia Iddan – ‘Like Grains of Wheat…’

•Russell Grigg – ‘Semblants and the Phallus’The Couch

•Anne Lysy – ‘Wanting to See Clearly and Murkily Enjoying’

•Sonia Chiriaco – ‘An Interplay of Opposing Forces’

•Susanne Hommel – ‘An Encounter with the Real

•Ioanna Verigaki – ‘A Heroine with no Family’The letter! The litter! And the soother the bitther!•Victoria Woollard – ‘Through A Glass, Darkly’

•Francesca Biagi-Chai – ‘Interview on Serial Killers:Psychiatry, Criminology and ResponsibilityHypermodern Times

•Jacques-Alain Miller – ‘Four Interviews from the French Popular Press’

•Mark Cousins – ‘Technology and Prosthesis’

•Éric Laurent – ‘The Symbolic Order in the Twenty-First Century’


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