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Centre For Psychoanalytic Consultation & Treatment

ICLO-NLS Clinical & Theoretical Seminar

CPCT - A Response to the Malaise in Society?

The Psychoanalytic Centers for Consultations and Treatment (CPCT) were created by Jacques-Alain Miller in 2003 in France. Since then more than a dozen centers have been opened in Europe and Israel. Their particularity? Psychoanalysts receive patients for a limited time and free of charge. Why were they created? How do they function? How do they support the psychoanalytic discourse? We will see that these very successful centers are both a response to crisis and a place of response.

Pamela King is a practising psychoanalyst in Marseille, PhD in Psychoanalysis (Université Paris 8), member of the NLS and the WAP, teacher at the Aix-Marseille Clinical Sections, consultant at the CPCT in Marseille, author of L’American Way of Life: Lacan et les débuts de l’Ego Psychology.


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