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Towards PIPOL 9 “The Unconscious and the Brain: Nothing in Common”

A preparatory event towards the Congress of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis PIPOL 9

Saturday 8th June / 11am-1pm / PSI


What is the hypothesis of the unconscious in the Lacanian orientation today? If this orientation includes a desire that does not seek to cure, then what is sought from a clinical perspective? This event seeks to interrogate differing clinical approaches such as determined by neuropsychology, where for example the theory of a neural basis of unconscious bias is brought to the forefront. Scientists who disregard the unconscious in focusing on what is supposed by utilising exclusively biological techniques, despite a weak evidence base, forget/ repress/ foreclose the fact that in being in language they are also subjects of the unconscious.

Florencia Shanahan, Raphael Montague and Rik Loose will speak to the challenges for Lacanian psychoanalysis in its encounter with the rise of neurosciences and behavioural approaches that push to reduce singularity to the universal.

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