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The Pass & Interpretation

Space Formation of the Analyst & Its School

DATE: FRIDAY 22ND NOVEMBER / TIME: 7PM – 9PM / VENUE: PSI, Grantham St, D8 / FEE: 20e/10e (students-unemployed)

“The orientation towards the singular doesn’t mean that the unconscious cannot be deciphered. It means that this exploration necessarily comes up against an end-stop, that interpretation comes to a stop on the outside-meaning of jouissance, and that, alongside the unconscious, […] there is the singular of the sinthome, where it doesn’t speak to anyone. This is why Lacan qualified it as a body-event. It is not a thought-event, it’s not a language-event […] it is an event of the substantial body, the body that possesses a consistency of jouissance.” (*)

Pamela King will speak to the upcoming NLS Congress theme of “Interpretation: From Truth to Event“. She will refer to the presentation “What Words, What Body” delivered by Anny Lysy at the September event in Ghent, “The Pass in Our School, Interpretation Encore“.

Pamela King is a practising psychoanalyst in Marseille, PhD in Psychoanalysis (Université Paris 8), member of the NLS and the WAP, teacher at the Aix-Marseille Clinical Sections, consultant at the CPCT in Marseille, author of L’American Way of Life: Lacan et les débuts de l’Ego Psychology.

(*) Ref: Miller, J.-A., “The Unconscious and the Sinthome”, tr. A. R. Price, Hurly-Burly, Issue 5, NLS, Paris, 2011, p.48. Excerpt from Seynhaeve, Bernard, Argument of the 2020 NLS Congress.


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