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The Disparate Sexes with Miquel Bassols

The Disparate Sexes with Miquel Bassols

9th March 2024

11.30am -1.30pm

Carmelite Community Centre

Dublin 2

ICLO-NLS looks forward to welcoming Miquel Bassols! 

The Disparate Sexes

Disparate is the term I have chosen to address the question of the difference between the sexes, or better still, the difference that sex introduces into the speaking being. It's also the question raised by the topicality of 'trans' discourse and sexual gender. Are we, with trans discourses, in the age of disparate genders? In fact, we could say that for psychoanalysis we are still, and always will be, in the era of the irreducible disparity of the sexes. The question is rather what kind of disparity we are talking about.

Miquel Bassols is a psychoanalyst and member of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in the Freudian Field & the School of the Freudian Cause.He holds a PhD from the Department of Psychoanalysis at the University of Paris VIII and teaches at the Institute of the Freudian Field of Barcelona.Previously Chair of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, he has lectured extensively throughout Europe and in USA.  

He has written a number of books including but not limited to:

  • La psicoanàlisi explicada als mitjans de comunicació (1997) 

  • La interpretación como malentendido (2001) 

  • Finales de análisis (2007) 

  • Llull con Lacan. El amor, la palabra y la letra en la psicosis (2010) 

  • Lecturas de la página en blanco. La letra y el objeto (2011)

  • El caballo del pensamiento (2011) 

  • Tu Yo no es tuyo. Lo real del psicoanálisis en la ciencia (2011) 

  • A psicanálise, a ciência, o real (2015) 

  • La diferencia de los sexos no existe en el inconsciente (2021) 

He has published numerous articles/papers and also translated (in Catalan) Lacan's Lituraterre (2021) accompanied by an expansive commentary. In addition, he regularly publishes various texts and readings on psychoanalysis and literature on the blog "Desescrits." 


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