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Seminar “Pass and Politics” with Anna Aromi

ICLO-NLS SEMINAR SPACE FORMATION OF THE ANALYST AND ITS SCHOOL PASS and POLITICS How to participate in the functioning of the School without perishing in the attempt

with Anna Aromi

“Once my time as AE (Analyst of the School) finished, I have among other tasks been a member of the Council of the School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis (ELP) and I co-directed the XIth Congress of the WAP. From this experience we can then pose the question if these areas which are so different may have something in common. That is to say, what is the relation between intension and extension, between the Pass and politics, between work and analytic cause?”

Date: Friday 22nd June 2018 Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: PSI, 2nd Floor,Grantham Hse,Grantham St, Dublin 8 Fee: €10 Booking: ***** Anna Aromi is a psychoanalyst in Barcelona. She is Licentiate in Literature and Philosophy (UAB). She is Analyst Member (AME) of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis (ELP) and the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP), and Analyst of the School One (AE) during the period 2013-2016. Anna teaches at the Clinical Section of Barcelona, which she co-ordinated from 2012 to 2016. She promoted the research group “Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy” as well as the gatherings “Cinema and Psychoanalysis”. She is also former Editor in Chief of the Journal “El Nin?o” (“The Child”) and former Editor of the book collection of the School of the Freudian Field (ECFB).


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