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Seminar of the Lacanian Orientation with members of the World Association of Psychoanalysis

Anne Lysy

a speaking body in analysis

The general axis for this Seminars for 2014/16 will be -in line with the forthcoming WAP Congress in Rio- “Language and the Body”.

Anne Lysy will focus on the topic of the ‘speaking body’ during an analysis and what occurs when it finishes. She will interrogate how is the body experienced after having brought an analysis to its end, showing how psychoanalysis has effects on the mysterious link of body and language without it being an ‘intellectual’ exploration of the ‘mystery of the speaking body’ nor a ‘body technique’.

Anne Lysy is a psychoanalyst in Brussels. She is Analyst Member (AME) of the ECF, the NLS and the WAP. Former AE and former President of the New Lacanian School. She teaches at the Clinical Section in Brussels and the Programme of Psychoanalytic Clinic in Ghent.

Time: 11am-1pm

Venue: St. Vincent’s Hospital Fairview, Psychotherapy Dept, 193 Richmond Road, D3.

Fee: €20

Booking essential:


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