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Scilicet Event – New date 23/6


Presentation of Scilicet in English

“The Ordinary Psychoses and The Others, Under Transference” with Rik Loose and Anna Aromi

..... During the Clinical & Theoretical Seminar on Saturday 23rd June 2018 ....

‘This Scilicet […] gathers many important terms from the different elaborations on psychosis throughout the whole of Lacan’s teaching, and also includes the developments of these terms that have been brought about in the Freudian Field in the last twenty years, starting from the orientation provided by Jacques-Alain Miller under the heading of the “ordinary psychoses”. Finally, beyond the national languages, it is the very language of psychiatry, the sacrosanct “nosology”, which ends up being violently distorted.’ (from the preface by Enric Berenguer)-


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