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Pass Testimony

Pass Testimony


Irene Kuperwajs

Why does someone go into analysis? What does an analysis change? What remains incurable? How does a psychoanalysis produce a psychoanalyst? In the Lacanian orientation this can only be answered one by one. Join us to listen to Irene Kuperwajs’ experience of her analytic journey.

BOOK ME A PLACE Irene Kuperwajs is a psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires. Member of the EOL (School of the Lacanian Orientation) and the WAP (World Association of Psychoanalysis). She was nominated Analyst of the School (A.S.) for the period 2019-2022. She is a Clinical Psychologist working in Mental Health Service for Children & Adolescents since 1995. She teaches at the Masters in Psychoanalytic Clinic at the National University of Buenos Aires. She has been published widely in Argentina and abroad. Her most recent book is “The Pass before the Pass, and After” (Grama, 2019). She compiled the books “Psychoanalysis with Children 3: Weaving the Singular” (Grama, 2010) and “Traces of an Experience” (EOL, 2014)


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