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Members' Seminar


The Members’ School Seminar is a closed seminar for ICLO membersThe question of the formation of the analyst, the passage from analysand to analyst, the bond of the analyst to the School as subject, and the question of how the singularity of the subject member of the School can be maintained within a multitude of which a School is comprised, are some of the topics elaborated in this space.

This year, members will work on the recently published book Analysis Laid Bare by Jacques-Alain Miller

Dates: 22nd September, 3rd November, 19th January, 1st March

Analysis Laid Bare is a title of the World Association of Psychoanalysis Libretto Series, published by Lacanian Press in June 2023.

Text established in French as L’Os d’une cure, Navarin éditeur, Paris 6e, 2019.


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