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Introductory Seminar Series: Analysis, Treatment, Cure

Introductory Seminar

A series of three seminars introducing the Lacanian Orientation focusing on psychoanalysis as a praxis, that is a way of operating on the real by means of the symbolic, and on the distinction of dimensions of experience and the specificity of the analytic discourse and act, organised according to the triad "Analysis, Treatment, Cure"

* Joanne Conway - Rik Loose - 4th October 2023 * Raphael Montague - Alan Rowan - 15th November 2023 * Linda Clarke- Florencia F.C. Shanahan - 6th December 2023

In person at the Carmelite Centre, Aungier St, Dublin 2 and Online via Zoom.

Open to anyone with an interest in psychoanalysis.

Bibliography will be distributed to attendees in the course of the series.

Please note the fee is for the 3 meetings and it is not possible to register separately for these. No recording will be made available to attendees and no recording is allowed. 

Refunds will be possible if requested on or before 2nd October 2023


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