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"Introduction to Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation: The Practice of Preliminary Sessions"

Introduction to Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation: The Practice of Preliminary Sessions

When: 6th January (Rik Loose) - 10th February (Alan Rowan) - 10th March (Florencia F.C. Shanahan)

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm Irish Time

Online Attendance 3 Seminars: €30

In-Person Attendance 3 Seminars: Free of charge

Venue: Carmelite Community Centre, Aungier St, Dublin 2.

Topics to be covered:

- What is the Lacanian Orientation? (Jacques-Alain Miller's elucidation of Lacan's teaching).

- What do we call preliminary sessions? Why do we speak of its practice as distinctive?

- How to operate on demand? Modalities of responses to the demands for analysis.

- Consent: on the side of s/he who demands and on the side of the analyst. Refusing a demand. Delaying / referring on.

- Transference (algorithm, SsK, S1 at the entry of analysis, Referential knowledge versus textual knowledge).

- The body in the preliminary sessions. Presence of the analyst.

- Entry via the symptom versus entry via the fantasy.

- Isolating the real that provoked the demand. What encounter triggered the request? Analyst as complement.

- Logic of the case in the initial interviews versus assessment (therapeutics).

- Analytic act: no entry into analysis without the analyst's act. ("Position of the Unconscious," Écrits).

- Subjective implication, subjective rectification ("Direction of the treatment....," Écrits).

- How does the analyst need to be included in the symptom for it to go from pathological to analytical.

- What is diagnosis in psychoanalysis? Subjective position <> position in the structure.

- What is a symptom in psychoanalysis? Difference from medical discourse, protocolization, categories, etc.

- Entering analysis: threshold that separates preliminary sessions from analysis proper.

- Introduction of the unconscious. - Couch - Payment - Frequency & length of sessions.

- Enunciating the fundamental rule.

- Emphasis will be placed on examples from practice that illustrate each point that is presented.

Recommended bibliography:

- Freud, S., On beginning the treatment (1913)

- Freud, S., The dynamics of transference (1912)

- Freud, S., Recommendations to physicians... (1912)

- Freud, S., Observations on transference (1915)

- Lacan, J., Presentation on transference, Ecrits

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- Lacan, J., Geneva Lecture on the Symptom

- Miller, J.-A., CUT (Clinic Under Transference)

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- Laurent, E., Guiding Principles for Any Psychoanalytic Act (2004)


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