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Intercartel Day: The Real in the Experience of the Cartel

The cartel starts with each one’s relationship to psychoanalysis and allows it to develop from this point. What is at work within the cartel is the real. Lacan stresses that the real is not whole, which implies the logic of the “not-all”, and the aspect of the impossible. Each cartelisand, one by one, is working to say something singular, a new piece of knowledge while bearing his or her name. The singularities at work within a collective aim at producing something with regards to the hole in the knowledge, allowing a whirlpool to form, this hole producing the real in knowledge. Desire arises from the emptying of the hole in knowledge. In this way, the cartel is the place of production that is sustained by each member in the advancement of the School’s work.

We would like to invite you to join us in a morning of work, on which various participants will say something about their experience so far in the cartel in times of social and physical restraints.

Rik LooseSheila Power (Delegates of cartels of ICLO-NLS)

With contributions by: Dony Antunes, Neus Carbonell, Linda Clarke (Chair ICLO-NLS), Joanne Conway (Delegate of cartels of the NLS), Hugh Cummins, Claire Hawkes, Marlene ffrench Mullen, Ciaran Murphy, Ros Mc Carthy, Itzel Perez, Florencia Shanahan, Charles Quinn.


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