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Inter-Cartel Day


14th December / 10.30am to 1pm / PSI – Grantham St., D8

With contributions by Claire Hawkes, Rik Loose, Susan Mc Feely, Nefeli Papadaki, Tom Ryan, Florencia Shanahana and Denise Waters

The School of Jacques Lacan is supported by two pillars, sustained by two lungs: the Cartel and the Pass. There is no School if there is no Cartel and there is no School if there is no Pass.

“Why is it that for Lacan the Cartel is congruent with the work of the School, in its most intimate and highest demand? We can answer this question: to answer, we must first ask – What has compromised the truth of psychoanalysis and deviated its practice? We know Lacan’s answer – at least on its institutional side: we find it developed in “Situation of psychoanalysis in 1956”[1]. The villain of the story is the ‘Beatitude’, it is the training-analyst. Indeed, the cartel, as Lacan presents it in the “Founding Act”, is a war machine against the training-analyst and his clique – as Lacan says elsewhere. This shows the kinship of the Cartel and the Pass. The Pass like the Cartel is, from the institutional point of view, an anti-training-analyst machine.”[2]

Come join us for a morning of conversation, dialogue and discussion. Cartelisands will speak from their own experience of engaging with psychoanalysis by being part of a Cartel.

We look forward to your participation!

[1] Jacques Lacan, “The Situation of Psychoanalysis and the Training of Psychoanalysts in 1956” in Ecrits, p. 384

[2] Jacques-Alain Miller, The Cartel In The World [1994]. Unpublished.


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