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ICLO-NLS Seminar: “What is this violence that inhabits us? with Anne Béraud

The Seminar by Anne Béraud will be followed by a Clinical Presentation and discussion with the audience.

————————————— Anne Béraud is a psychoanalyst in Montreal. Member of the New Lacanian School (NLS) and the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). Current Analyst of the School (AE), 2018-2021. She is co-founder of the Pont Freudian in Montreal and President of NLS-Québec. She teaches at the Quebec Clinical Studies Program (Uforca). Anne is the author of more than thirty articles published in six languages as well as book chapters in “Du mariage et des psychanalystes” [Of Marriage and Psychoanalysts], Ed. Navarin le Champ freudien / La règle du jeu, 2013; “Entrées dans la psychose” [Entries into psychosis], under the direction of Hervé Castanet, Ed. Anthropos / Economica, Paris, 2017. She edited the book “Agrafes et inventions dans la psychose ordinaire” [Staples and Inventions in Ordinary Psychosis]. She holds a DESS in clinical psychology and psychopathology from the University of Paris X.


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