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ICLO-NLS INAUGURAL EVENT "Joyce and the Feminine Principle" 11th September

Saturday 11th of September 11 am to 2 pm

Live - In- Presence & Live-Streamed

ICLO-NLS 2021/2022 Inaugural Event

“Joyce and the Feminine Principle”

The ICLO-NLS 2021/2022 Inaugural Event will take place ‘live-in-presence’ in the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) which, as it happens, is James Joyce’s ‘alma mater’ – he graduated from UCD, the former Catholic University of Ireland – in 1902. The Event will also be ‘live-streamed’ on the Web to a worldwide audience, where tickets will be made available via Eventbrite.

The title “Joyce and the Feminine Principle” stems from a reading of Joyce’s recasting of a fable by Aesop/ La Fontaine: “The Fox and the Grapes”, into “The Mookse and the Gripes”, which is one of the very few ‘stand-alone’ extracts that can be taken from Finnegans Wake, whereby, via a ‘hystorical’ retelling of the attempts by the Roman Catholic Church, under Pope Adrian the First (the only English Pope) to exert its influence on Catholicism in Ireland, Joyce explores the epistemic and unconscious “occultation of the feminine principle under the masculine ideal”, where in the end something of feminine jouissance beyond phallic signification escapes, but not without being bordered by the Novalettra or the new-letter of creation, evinced in the ‘lalangue’ of Joyce’s own artifice.

The Program will feature an introduction by Linda Clarke followed a live reading of “The Mookes and the Gripes” by actor Sam Forde, with subsequent intervention by Florencia Shanahan, to Chair a round table discussion with Raphael Montague, Rik Loose and our guest Thomas McNally is an Irish artist, writer, and philosopher. His philosophical publications include Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Language (Cambridge University Press, 2017) and his articles have appeared in journals such as Philosophical Investigations, The British Journal of the History of Philosophy, and The Nordic Wittgenstein Review. In 2018 and 2014, The Lilliput Press published his illustrated edition of Joyce’s fables, The Mookse & the Gripes and The Ondt & the Gracehoper.

The context may well serve to facilitate a conversation and discussion of the recasting of function of the letter in the work of the Later Lacan from the material support of the signifier towards a savoir-y-fair-avec the real of jouissance involving a reduction – through a psychoanalysis- of the opacity of being in relation to the contingent originary encounters with language and received mark of jouissance: the structural nature of the ‘real symptom’ as a function of the letter.

On behalf of the organising committee,

Raphael Montague, Florencia Shanahan, Rik Loose, Linda Clarke.


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