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CPCT Workshop with Frank Rollier on Saturday 5th Nov @ 10 AM.


The creation of CPCTs (Centres for Psychoanalytical Consultation and Treatment) serves to make psychoanalysis of the Lacanian orientation present and accessible in the public sphere, in the city. What possibilities in the Irish context? This is a closed workshop for ICLO-NLS members to put this question to work, animated by Frank Rollier, ECF, NLS, WAP, and Director of CPCT Antibes.

What is a CPCT?

Centres for Psychoanalytical Consultation and Treatment or CPCTs as they are more commonly known are clinical institutions, places where anyone who wishes to meet a psychoanalyst can, without financial cost to those for whom it would not otherwise be possible. They meet for a maximum of 16 sessions.

A response by the Schools of psychoanalysis to an invitation from Jacque-Alain Miller to begin working on the question of psychoanalysis applied to therapeutics, the second of the three sections of Lacan’s “Founding Act”.

Their creation served to make psychoanalysis of the Lacanian orientation present and accessible in the public sphere, to be a public utility, “in close contact with the social” at a time when psychoanalysis was under attack on many fronts; legislative, ideological & media.

To treat discontent in its current forms, to go against the idea of regulations, norms, and protocols. Psychoanalysts in CPCTs make possible the experience of the unconscious allowing each to discover the logic of their decisions and their position in life without recourse to repetition.

Treatment in CPCTs produces rapid therapeutic effects. It’s a question of how to treat the symptom, although articulated in signifiers, they are not to be treated as messages, as meaning, but rather as jouissance signs. In respect of transference, where in private practice the transference is to the analyst, in a CPCT transference is to the institution.



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