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"Consent, Obedience, Anxiety in the Treatment” - Clotilde Leguil

"Consent, Obedience, Anxiety in the Treatment” - Clotilde Leguil

If a psychoanalysis supposes an inaugural consent to the unconscious, it is also the place of an exploration of one's consent in one's existence. To what have I consented in my relationship with the Other? Where did I let myself go (me suis-je laissé faire)? In what foundational experiences have I been able to force myself and also force my desire? Psychoanalysis interrogates in an unprecedented manner the issue of consent and obedience. For since the dimension of the superego - always toxic - it is a question of a new approach to obedience as obedience to the injunctions of the superego, both in the aspect of the sacrifice of desire and the injunction of jouissance. This is also what gives Lacan's "Kant with Sade" (1963) a new value in terms of the imperative of jouissance specific to our times. Consent, obedience and anxiety, these three experiences undergo transformations in a psychoanalysis. It is by crossing the point of anxietythat the analysand can be led to a new relation with desire, allowing them to question what they are obeying, and leading them to no longer yielding on one's desire (ne plus céder sur son désir)

27th of January

Carmelite Center

Dublin 2

Admission: €30 & €20 Student rate

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