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Coordinated by: Linda Clarke-Sheila Power-Caroline Heanue-Lilli Klint

What: A space offered to formalise clinical work and interrogate psychoanalytic concepts (diagnosis, symptom, transference, unconscious, drive, repetition, subject, object, Other, body). For Whom: students, trainees, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists engaged in clinical practice from a Lacanian perspective, engaged in analysis and supervision.

When: 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 8.15 pm

Format: each meeting to begin with 10 minutes introduction to a particular concept (decided in advance) presented by coordinators, followed by one case presentation and discussion. Meeting duration of 11/2 hours. Fee: There is no fee to participate.

Caveat: A form to be completed by each participant on registration. The form will provide participant contact details; engagement with analyst/supervisor confirmation; confidentiality requirements (clinical material and discussion not to be circulated, disguise case identity, space is free, open only to participants residing in Ireland as attendance will be in person once prevailing health guidelines allow it, commitment to attend and present material).


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