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Cartel Event

Saturday 14 October 2023 / 10.30 am (GTM)

… and slowly read (Yeats)

True Psychoanalysis and False (Lacan)

Take down this book and slowly read” ….. is often the work of the cartel, to read aloud with others, to discuss, follow interesting tangents, sometimes wrestle with the text and, hopefully, participate in the transmission of some grain of truth.

And this is what our cartel event on 14 October is about. It is, essentially, a morning’s work. Four speakers will read and comment on Lacan’s paper ‘True Psychoanalysis, and False’ in order to help all present to get to work on this important text. Written in 1958, it summarises his path to that point in his thinking, just before he embarked on his sixth seminar. Whether you are new to cartel work, considering joining one for the first time or a veteran of many, please do come along and join us in working this text. We will be joined in our work by our chair for the morning, Linda Clarke (Cartel Delegate Commission of the NLS) and ICLO-NLS members Nefeli Papadaki, AlanRowan and Cecilia Saviotti

Responsible for ICLO-NLS Cartels: Tom Ryan - Ros Mc Carthy

In person at the Carmelite Community Centre & Online via zoom.



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